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TIAMA (msc & sgcc) – expands its expertise at the hot-end with Gedevelop glass container activity acquisition

TIAMA has acquired the glass container activity of Swedish company Gedevelop, thus strengthening its position in the hot-end product range, building a comprehensive range of hot-end solutions dedicated to glassmakers.

On 20 December 2013, TIAMA, leading player in the field of on-line process and quality controls, undertook a strategic move to strengthen its position in the hot-end product range by acquiring the glass container activity of Swedish company Gedevelop.
Gedevelop’s glass container business unit, now “TIAMA Sweden”, is a hot-end specialist in inspection solutions for the glass industry worldwide. Its activities comprise the design, development, manufacturing, supply and service of non-intrusive control, measurement and inspection equipment, for the world’s glass container industry.
On one hand, Gedevelop (glass container business unit) enjoys a solid position in the hollow glass industry with a 27 years’ experience and a bestseller system: the Gob Image Analyser (GIA), and new products to come. The GIA is operational all over the world with 350 units installed on IS machines in all major glass groups such as O-I, Verallia, Ardagh, Vidrala, Sisecam, Vitro, Vetropack and more… On the other hand, French TIAMA with its worldwide network and its strong R&D, ensures the boosting of Gedevelop products.
Through this acquisition, TIAMA is building a comprehensive range of hot-end solutions dedicated to glassmakers. The company remains firmly focused on its future.
“At this point, we are already thinking much larger than the current offer, building a complete range of new solutions organized as modules: each ‘brick’ brings a simple process improvement solution.”
“Indeed, we believe in affordable, easy-to-use solutions helping glass experts to better control the production process.” explains Laurent Barel, the Hot-end product manager.
“TIAMA-Sweden” (former Gedevelop’s glass container activity) enables to accelerate TIAMA’s contribution to process efficiency with its new range: “Tiama Hot System” modules.
With its “Tiama Intelligence Tools”, with its “Tiama Hot System” modules and cold-end range, the loop is closed. At this stage, TIAMA is excited to be so close to the final introduction of this innovative concept to the glass industry. M&A Bank Canaccord Genuity supported TIAMA in this strategic acquisition.

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