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Thimon and the glass industry

Thimon has developed two new products for the cold end of container glass manufacture: the Combi-Glass, which shrink-wraps pallets of glass bottles, and the Top-Glass system to give extra top protection required for outside storage or if the pallets are stacked.

Due to the growing automation of handling processes in the glass industry, high quality film protection on palletized loads has become essential to provide an aesthetic appearance, easier transportation, greater load stability and simplified storage, with full weather protection. Thimon has been a partner of this industry for over 40 years.
In collaboration with glassmakers, Thimon has developed a machine dedicated to the glass industry: the Combi-Glass. This machine ensures that pallets loaded with glass bottles are shrink wrapped in the best way possible. Regrouping hooding and shrinking operations in just one process in a minimum floor space, it can handle 90 pallets per hour and guarantees perfect packaging. The air blown during the shrinking cycle to avoid the wrinkles can easily be sucked out at the end of the shrinking cycle just before heat-sealing the bottom sheet. Result: a beautiful air tight and safe packaging whatever the pallet type is.
Thimon also supplies its Top-Glass system to give extra top protection required for outside storage or if the pallets are stacked. Top-Glass applies a shrink wrapped plastic top-sheet after shrink hooding.
Moreover, available on the Combi-Glass machine, as well as on its whole range, Thimon has created and patented the most significant innovation of the past year: the cold sealing process.
The hood is sealed prior to being laid on the load, providing cooling time for sealing. The sealed hood is on separators and is handled only after a cooling time that has no influence on production rate and speed.
With others standard machines, sealing is carried out just before the application of the hood on the pallet, often resulting in holes and tears. This patented Thimon device eliminates this kind of risk completely, thus enabling to obtain a perfect waterproof sealing. The cold sealing system is used by the major players of the glass industry with complete satisfaction.
Thimon offers quality, not only in products and manufacturing procedures, but also in service provided to customers, in terms of technical advice, trials, solutions and of course after-sales services.

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