Thermoseal expands export markets

Thermoseal Group has its sights on a growing export market, the company has announced, as the global demand for warm edge spacer bars increases and the IGU component supplier expands its UK operation.

“We have quite a significant share of the UK market and we’ve been really successful as a component supplier to the UK sealed unit market,” Thermoseal Group’s Managing Director Gwain Paterson said. “But we still want to grow the business. To do this we either need to develop into different markets or expand into export markets.”

Thermoseal Group’s core products – the rigid Thermobar, and the flexible Thermoflex – are both suited to export markets, but especially Thermoflex because there’s a growing global demand around the world for flexible spacer bar, according to Gwain.

“There are not many companies producing products like that around the world,” he said. “We see governments bringing in legislation to have more efficient windows to keep the heat in and, inversely, to keep it out. This presents a fantastic opportunity for us.

“And with flexible spacer bar, you have the added benefit of automated production, which many overseas customers are developing.”

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