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Theo Kalomirakis and Owens Corning to create state-of-the-art theatre experience

Theo Kalomirakis Theatres, Inc., the premier home theatre designer, and Owens Corning, a global leader in building materials and services, have announced a strategic alliance to integrate Owens Cornin…

Theo Kalomirakis Theatres, Inc., the premier home theatre designer, and Owens Corning, a global leader in building materials and services, have announced a strategic alliance to integrate Owens Corning“s leading edge acoustic technology and systems into Theo Kalomirakis Theatres“ new, more affordable line of theatre designs. “Integrating Owens Corning“s acoustic systems into our new Signature Series line of theatres elevates the home theatre experience by making it available to a broader audience,” said Kalomirakis. “The Signature Series provides the same thrilling theatre experience for less: a complete architectural solution is attainable for US$ 50,000 to US$ 100,000 – an option to the consumer who cannot afford the typical Theo Kalomirakis Theatre entry-level price of US$ 250,000.” Costs are minimized by limiting the Signature Series to three custom-designed theatre style options: Art Deco, Traditional and Contemporary. Featuring the finest elements of Kalomirakis“ acclaimed private theatres, these options fit the architectural style of almost any residence. Owens Corning conducted extensive acoustical testing at its Science and Technology Center in Granville, Ohio to integrate Theo Kalomirakis“ design, the audio/visual equipment and Owens Corning“s acoustic systems into the new Signature Series. Owens Corning installed a full-size Signature Series home theatre at the Science and Technology Center to test the performance in a real-world setting. The agreement also entitles Theo Kalomirakis Theatres to certain Owens Corning home theatre acoustical certification services and specifies Owens Corning as the recommended acoustics system provider in all Signature Series designs. The designs include Owens Corning“s SelectSound(TM) Acoustic Room System and its QuietZone(R) noise control system. The QuietZone noise control system, which includes QuietZone(TM) Acoustic Wall Framing, QuietZone(TM) Acoustic Caulk, QuietZone(R) Acoustic Batts, and QuietZone(TM) Acoustic Floor Mat, audibly isolates the theatre from other parts of the home with materials and construction techniques that absorb and dampen sound waves traveling through the ceilings, floors and walls. The system creates a sound barrier between the theatre walls and the rest of the home so that the sound created within the theatre is contained and residents elsewhere are not disturbed. Owens Corning“s SelectSound Acoustic Room System tunes the acoustic properties of the room, bringing viewers into the movie with seamless sound, image movement and clarity. The system“s proprietary reversible acoustic panels feature a low frequency absorber that also reflects mid to high frequencies on one side while the other side absorbs mid to high frequencies. The panels cover every wall of the room so they can be “tuned” to specific tastes – or to compensate for any acoustic concerns in the room – by positioning the panels to achieve the proper mix of low and high frequency absorption. To ensure the sound quality of each custom installation, renowned acoustician Steve Haas will tune the theatre to concert hall perfection. “Owens Corning is thrilled to associate its expertise in acoustics with such a renowned home theatre designer,” said Jim Graham, sales/marketing leader, Acoustics Systems Business, Owens Corning. “Theo Kalomirakis“ attention to detail and superior designs, combined with the technology and quality of the Owens Corning acoustic system, provide the ideal environment to experience every sound exactly as it was created in the studio.” The theatres are designed with an ingenious dimensional flexibility, which allows them to be tailored to fit almost any space and accommodate the widest range of audiovisual equipment available. Each limited edition design incorporates the personal specifications of the client from a set of menu parts and is copyright-protected. Design, fabrication and installation take approximately 10 to 12 weeks.

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