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TF Vetritalia: Curved tempered glass for the industry

Professionalism and experience are hallmarks for the company that offers extensive glass processing options for the industry

TF Vetritalia Srl was founded in 2011 by the collaboration of two leading glass companies in the Pesaro area: TF Vetreria srl ​​and Vetritalia Industriale srl.

Initially, TF Vetreria ​​operated mainly as a subcontractor for the subsidiary Vetritalia Industriale, the latter specialized specialized in the second processing of glass.

As a result of the merger between the two companies, TF Vetritalia immediately began to grow and expand in various product sectors, gaining the role of an appreciated player overall in the world of industrial refrigeration.

Within a few years, TF Vetritalia established a strong presence within and outside Europe due to the professionalism of its skilled staff and the significant investments it made in equipment for glass tempering and lamination.

Based in Pesaro in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, the company offers the following glass processing services: cutting, edging (grinding), drilling, decorating, flat and curved thermal tempering, assembling, bonding and laminating.

Their markets include glass for interior design and for shops (refrigerated display cabinets), for construction and household electrical markets. With their combined knowledge they have decades of experience in glass processing and boast important customers in Italy and abroad.

A well-known subcontractor in Italy, TF Vetritalia’s mission is to continue to be the ideal solution for the aforementioned processes in terms of quality approach and competitive prices. In fact, the company uses an internal quality system, and supports the values of gender equality, respect for workers’ rights, loyalty in customer relationships and compliance with industry regulations, including environmental protection.

TF Vetritalia is an energy-consuming company, and for this reason they try to contain their energy needs and to limit harmful emissions by choosing qualified suppliers. The company disposes of waste materials according to regulations even though, by working with glass, they have by definition no negative impact on the environment as glass waste is 100 percent recyclable.

Their goals for the future are the pursuit of quality for the customer and the expansion of sales volumes abroad.

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