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Tecnoglass chooses Mappi for a new HST testing equipment

HST by Mappi is a component of the Tempering Furnace

Tempered glass is subject to risk of spontaneous breakage. This risk might also derive from a particularity of the glass production process. It may happen that at the time of blast furnace processing, nickel sulphide particles are created inside the glass sheets. They are invisible particles, but unfortunately, following the tempering process they tend to change size. Over time this causes internal tensions in the tempered sheet which can lead to a spontaneous breakage.

Fortunately, there is a test capable of identifying the glass sheets subject to this risk: the HST, Heat Soak Test. During the test, the glass sheets are brought at about 290 degrees Celsius and maintained at this temperature.

This speeds up the breaking process: plates destined to spontaneously break should explode during the test; those that pass shouldn’t have this kind of problem in the future. The HST is regulated by the UNI EN 14179 standard, a mandatory test for sheets intended for building façades.

HST by Mappi is a component of the Tempering Furnace with all the design accuracy and production quality that have always distinguished the Italian company’s products. This was the choice made by Tecnoglasss Group, the Italian company that has established itself as a model of quality and technical expertise in the production of insulating, safety and acoustic glass.

About his choice Mr. Sardano of Tecnoglass said: “We already have an ATS 4.0 and we are absolutely satisfied with it. It seemed natural to us to also choose the HST by Mappi, we are sure to find once again design and construction quality, reliability and friendliness. Would you have done differently?”

HST by Mappi is the ideal partner for the furnaces of the Fox and ATS 4.0 series.


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