Tecglass: FACE 1 technology at project “923 Quentin Building”

Jetver Base inks complies with architecture industry standards and requirements and have been developed to be applied in all range of Tecglass digital printing applications

Jetver Base inks range were developed by Tecglass for the world of architecture, providing excellent performance in terms of chemical resistance to the effects of weather and superior durability over time.

A vast array of colours is available, uniquely created with resistance to atmospheric agents. Direct application to the exterior of building façades is warranted, with exposure to the elements without limits.

All these technological advantages take life in the spectacular and eye-catching project carried out on the façade of the 923 Quentin Building (Brooklyn, NY), processed by the main glass processor in Greece, VASGLASS.

Unique, attractive and functional glass building façades of white dots pattern in different sizes printed with extreme accuracy to create an infinite effect.

Privacy and solar control are elements may be controlled and graduated by using the possibilities offered by the Tecglass software, as well as the different degrees of opacity that can be achieved with the Jetver Base inks.

Intensity and vibrancy of the colour over time is guaranteed by the high chemical and UV resistance of the inks for the FACE 1 application created by Tecglass, with the best performance under conditions of thermal and environmental stress.

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