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TECGLASS: Bird friendly glass – a “must” in the glass industry

TECGLASS provides digital printing solutions for bird-friendly glass applications with a wide variety of patterns ready-to-go for different uses, such as spandrels, laminated glass, curved glass and Insulated glass units.

TVITEC – one of the largest high-performance glass processors in Europe – recently has supplied the glass to the stunning project Bay View Google Campus.

Tvitec manufactured more than 20,000 metres of glass for this building envelope, primarily highly sustainable double glazing where bird-friendly glass plays a relevant role in the construction’s requirements of the building. Pattern designs digitally printed in Google’s new headquarters façade have been conceived based on compliance with two primary objectives; reflecting Google’s corporate image with printed patterns on glass which can be easily associated to the Californian corporation, and simultaneously fulfilling with bird-friendly glass regulations required for this astronomic project where the decorated glass is the absolute protagonist.

Google’s new Bay View campus

TECGLASS, thanks to the development and infinite possibilities offered by its unique digital printing technology, ensures perfect visibility for bird safety while maintaining an aesthetic of transparent glass for the human eyes, without renouncing the added value and aesthetic of digitally printed glass by means of the application of ceramic frit patterns applied directly onto glass. The perfect balance and combination between the latest technological trends for the world of decorated glass allows birds to keep away from the collisions ensuring the final purpose for which the glass has been conceived for this particular project. Printing technology provides manufacturers with extended flexibility and versatility in terms of colours and patterns to be applied, whatever the nature of the project is.

By virtue of the extremely high durability and chemical resistance of Tecglass “Jetver Inks” range—suitable for the most demanding applications like Surface 1 and direct application onto low-e glass—Tecglass ceramic inks and patterns are an ideal solution for bird-friendly glass application, significantly reducing reflection and glare, providing a visual barrier for the birds to detect the panel and avoid collisions.

Moreover, with inherent digital printing advantages, more complex design patterns are available by manufacturers when creating and proposing their own design projects for bird-friendly glass applications, while adhering to standardized guidelines of the 2 by 4 rule, which has been proven to significantly reduce the number of bird collisions.

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