Tecglass: best colour performance for architectural glass

Colour is an essential part of any building project because our reaction to colour in design stimulates different feelings and emotions. With the vast array of Tecglass ceramic ink colours to choose from for use with its digital printing technologies, the creative possibilities are endless. Especially with jumbo size decorative glass – which saw a surge in demand last year – it’s clear that architects love using glass in their facade designs. In this case, the choice of colour and pattern makes it possible to control light transmission levels, which has a significant impact on the building’s solar heat gain coefficient. Patterns on the glass also increase the level of privacy while adding a decorative effect.

Tecglass’ key objectives are to provide high-performance solutions in terms of inks with special colour effects, digital printers and tools that simplify the decoration of jumbo size glass panels, and design support by developing texture and patterns – classic, modern or natural – to help architects do their jobs.

A perfect example is the Jalisco planetarium and the “Lunaria” interactive centre, a project already on its way to becoming an icon in the city. Developed with the aim of disseminating information about technological development, scientific research and innovation, as well as the dissemination of local and global scientific progress, the interactive science and technology centre encourages public engagement. The project includes a planetarium, a state-of-the-art projection room, an exhibition pavilion, an educational workshops area and a park.
For the dome above the projection room, parametric software was used to generate a total of 1380 different pieces of printed tempered glass, upon which are projected the constellations visible in the city from the northern hemisphere. The chromatic effect is achieved by a range of blue hues that runs through the dome, along with warm colours in the areas where the sun hits the dome throughout the year. The glass panels are supported on 722 steel connectors with integrated lighting.

The ceramic inks developed by Tecglass, an array of extremely durable, high-resistance inks that offer unique effects – to perfectly reproduce all RAL, Pantone, NCS and Color-Book colours – are the ideal solution to the needs of architectural glass projects.