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System 3 Ltd: ‘Always keep reinvesting!’

The glass manufacturer will continue to reinvest in production lines and processing machines from LiSEC.

Allan and Mike Brown run the company System 3 Ltd., located in Denton, Manchester.
Asked about their first LiSEC machine, Allan Brown says, “We bought our automatic saw from LiSEC in 1988. We were the first company using an automatic saw in our area. Everyone else worked manually, so we were much faster. The saw was our center – all following machines were built around it. And believe it or not – we still have it in operation!”

In 1990 they invested in a pre-owned 2m x 3,5m LiSEC IG-line, two new lines were added later. “Our LiSEC IG lines just won’t stop running, so why should we replace them? We rely on them”, is Allan’s response to the question if he plans to replace the IG-line after 28 years. During the last two years they bought two KSR edge grinding machines, one of them replaced a KSL which had been in operation since 1995. And they already have plans for new investments: “As I said before, we have big future plans and LiSEC will play an essential role in them – they offer every kind of solution needed in the glass industry. We want to invest in production lines and processing machines, either to expand our machinery park with new machines, or to replace less satisfying machines from other suppliers. That is our key to success: Reinvestment – always keep reinvesting!” states Allan Brown.

The LiSEC sealing robot VFL-1D, installed in 1999 and operating in two shifts, has already sealed 4 million of IG-units at System 3 Ltd. Now, after 19 years, the owners are thinking of replacing it for a brand-new line – again from LiSEC, of course. Back in 1984 they produced basic double glass units, mainly for domestic windows, on an area of 600m². Today they employ 257 people, have an area of 13,000m² and produce double glazed units, structural toggle units, toughened laminated glass and much more. And System 3 has big plans for the future. “There are no detailed plans yet but we are planning to double the size of our factory”, reveals Allan Brown, owner of System 3 and responsible for production and technology.

“Service is king. If there is a breakdown we have to react immediately. Our customers don’t want to wait, and neither do we. LiSEC offers us the 24 hours non-stop service we need and we always have the support from the Austrian Headquarters. Moreover, LiSEC listens to our needs; we can discuss them frankly and in detail and they respond with suitable solutions,” says Brown about the cooperation between System 3 and LiSEC.

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