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SWISSPACER: Cool elegance on the water

“CentoNew” office building in Rostock

Centogene AG has built its new research centre in Rostock for the genetic diagnosis of rare hereditary diseases. A number of different types of glass were used for the glazing, and the warm edge spacer bar from SWISSPACER counteracts heat loss and promotes energy efficiency.

Centogene is one of the world’s leading companies working on the genetic analysis of rare, hereditary diseases. Since it was founded over a decade ago, the company has been growing steadily. The construction of the “CentoNew” headquarters in the Silo Peninsula in Rostock will have space for about 250 employees in the future. The attractive location on the water borders on the Unterwarnow quayside and the office fits in well with the promenade thanks to its large cobble stone at the front.

The exterior of the office building captivates thanks to its finely structured metal façade. The glazing (2,500 m2) from Saint-Gobain GLASSOLUTIONS is striking. The SWISSPACER Advance warm edge spacer bar optimises the energy efficiency. © HGEsch

The building, designed by the architects Gewers Pudewill Berlin, has an irregular pentagonal outline. It has an underground parking garage and four above-ground floors with staggered building structures.
The ground floor is located on a podium, with several open staircases leading to it. When entering the building, employees and visitors first reach an atrium with lush greenery, which opens out to the water.

The façade is divided into an elegant dark clinker base and a finely structured metal façade coated in warm shades of copper, which surrounds the building like a skin. Another distinctive element is the glazing boasting a number of different types of glass.

Saint-Gobain GLASSOLUTIONS delivered approximately 2,500 square metres of glass for the property. The Rostock site used around 900 square metres of high-quality heat insulating glass CLIMATOP XN (triple) with the warm edge spacer bar SWISSPACER ADVANCE. The STADIP laminated safety glass was also used. The Saint-Gobain GLASSOLUTIONS Flensburg site produced the laminated safety glass (LSG) for the project. Special structures and insulating glass, some with heat thermal insulation (three times), some with sound insulation, came from the Saint-Gobain Potsdam site.

Placed in the cavity between the panes, the warm edge from SWISSPACER provides excellent insulation and effectively reduces heat losses. © SWISSPACER

The warm edge spacer bar from the Swiss manufacturer SWISSPACER is placed in the cavity between the panes and offers excellent insulation, effectively reducing heat loss.

The SWISSPACER ADVANCE spacer bar is an integral part of the energy-saving windows in the new office building. Depending on frame construction, Psi values of up to 0.037 W/mK are possible with the SWISSPACER ADVANCE. It is the warm edge spacer bar with the best price/performance ratio in its class on the market.

Due to its great dimensional stability, the use of SWISSPACER guarantees extraordinary parallelism of the frame and is therefore ideal for triple glazing.

Property data:

Property:New build, “CentoNew” office building with a genetic diagnostics centre
Building owner:Centogene AG, Rostock, DE
Location:Rostock, DE
Architect:Gewers Pudewill GmbH, Berlin, DE
Glass:Saint-Gobain Building Glass Europe, Aachen, DE;

Heat insulating glass: CLIMATOP XN (triple) with SWISSPACER ADVANCE spacer bar, black;

Safety glass: STADIP®

Glass processing:Saint-Gobain GLASSOLUTIONS Nord GmbH – Rostock and Flensburg sites, DE; GLASSOLUTIONS Saint-Gobain German Glass Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, DE
Warm edge:SWISSPACER Vetrotech Saint-Gobain (International) AG, Kreuzlingen, CH

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