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Suntuitive® dynamic glass used for a very special application

Suntuitive dynamic glass has been used in a customized treehouse

Suntuitive® dynamic glass was included in the construction of a custom skybox treehouse during an episode of the popular US TV show Treehouse Masters.

Suntuitive is the most adopted dynamic glass technology in the world and now it finds itself in a truly unique application. A customized treehouse featured a two-storey window wall that allows for NFL All Pro Wide Receiver Antonio Brown to have a great view of his property including his custom-built basketball court and football field.
Treehouse Masters is an American reality television series that airs on Animal Planet and stars Pete Nelson, a master treehouse builder and owner of Nelson Treehouse and Supply. Each episode, Nelson and his team design and build custom treehouses for clients across the country. The show debuted in 2013, and the episode that has Suntuitive dynamic glass in Brown’s skybox treehouse will be a part the 10th season.
“We are thrilled to have our product on a show as admired as Treehouse Masters and to be able to show how self-tinting Suntuitive dynamic glass can make a difference in even the most rare application as a treehouse is a major point of pride for us,” said Tom Donovan, President of Pleotint, manufacturer of Suntuitive Dynamic Glass. “We have our self-tinting glass in all sizes of commercial and residential buildings all over the world, and with simple installation featuring no wires or controls, we’ve made it easy for anyone who wants dynamic glass to have it.”
Suntuitive dynamic glass is an exclusive thermochromic technology that continuously and automatically adapts tint level in response to heat from direct sunlight, and installs just like as any traditional window system, and works in any architectural application. It offers several advantages including optimized natural light, glare control, advanced occupant comfort, minimization of HVAC, enhanced UV protection, noise reduction, safety, and sustainability.
Suntuitive Dynamic Glass is the world’s leading innovator in self-tinting dynamic glass with 450+ installations in more than 25 countries. It meets the various needs of the building community including more natural light, occupant comfort, energy efficiency and sustainability. It offers a large variety of options to fit the needs of any project. Suntuitive’s self-tinting glass is easy to install, doesn’t require wires, sensors, or controls, and starts working right away.

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