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STOELZLE MASNIÈRES PARFUMERIE: Working closely with brands, using an eco-responsible approach

In this article, we speak to Etienne Gruyez, the Président Directeur Général of Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie, about one of the company’s recent products for the hand care sector – using glass for the containers that become decorative elements for bathrooms.

GLASS MACHINERY PLANTS & ACCESSORIES (GMP&A): The present global situation is continuing to create difficulties for the majority of industrial sectors – but not specialist glass bottle and flacon manufacturers. Your recent press release speaks about the DIPTYQUE Hand Care bottles. Please tell us how this idea came about, and how it will be developed further in the near future.
The Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie team has worked closely with this brand, which has long been committed to an eco-responsible approach, making these containers decorative objects for the bathroom. This means that they become long-lasting and familiar decorative objects, conveying meaning and emotions. Their design beautifies everyday gestures and marks the first steps in the brand’s long-term eco-responsible approach.
Today, all Stoelzle’s developments are considered 100 per cent in a sustainable development approach, in response to the demand of all our customers. Whether it is for this type of large-format containers or for all other formats, glass is obviously benefiting from a craze that is growing year after year.

GMP&A: Were any changes required in machinery or the design of the containers, as their use is quite different from perfume and cosmetics?
STOELZLE MASNIÈRES PARFUMERIE: No, the tooling is no different. We adapt it to every bottle or jar design.

GMP&A: How does the 350 ml size bottle fit in with the diverse usages: personal, public and mass public?
STOELZLE MASNIÈRES PARFUMERIE: We adapt to all requests, each customer has his specificity.

GMP&A: You have also taken into consideration the decorative aspect – quite a nice feature in these times …
STOELZLE MASNIÈRES PARFUMERIE: In Masnières we have a factory specially dedicated to DECOR, which allows us to answer …and to propose many decorations for bottles or jars. This work of personalization on the spot is a big asset for us.

GMP&A: Does this development mean that Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie may be branching out to other sectors? If yes, which sectors do you think could be of major interest?
STOELZLE MASNIÈRES PARFUMERIE: We want to continue focusing on perfumery and cosmetics products. Yet, we are also always interested in new projects that are ‘unusual’ that utilizes our expertise and pushes our limits.

GMP&A: How is Stoelzle facing up to the recent ‘second’ surge of Covid? What are the safety requirements that you have been obliged to put into practice?
STOELZLE MASNIÈRES PARFUMERIE: Overall, the second surge of Covid did not impact us further than the first one. Actually, like I believe everybody else, we were more prepared than the first one. We have been able to keep contact with our staff and customers through online tools. Also we managed to keep the operations running thanks to the respect of sanitary measures. Everybody inside the company understood the necessity to respect them.
The first Covid-19 crisis pushed us to decide to renew faster the furnace rebuilt to be ready for 2021. I strongly believe we took the right decision as with the second surge, the business did not restart as expected and we therefore had the time to rebuild our furnace. We will be ready in 2021 and 2022 to answer the market needs and also offer new solutions for our customers.



GMP&A: What kind of differences has your market sector been subject to this year, and how are you working to maintain your market position?
STOELZLE MASNIÈRES PARFUMERIE: The perfumery segment has been the most hit. Sales have dropped between 30 per cent to 50 per cent on the market. On top of that, many customers have decided to closely monitor and reduce their stock level so that did not help in maintaining the line running. Again, thanks to the furnace rebuilt, we tried to take advantage of the situation. We hope the market will restart in 2021 but nobody knows. Nobody was expecting a second wave as intense as it is. We have to accept to work on a weekly if not daily basis.
On the cosmetic segment, the drop has not been so dramatic. This is why we are now going to strengthen our position on that segment, thanks to the addition of our new production line which will be capable of answering high quality jar for the premium market.

GMP&A: What do you think will happen next year – trade shows and events? Will you be attending, or have you decided to hold virtual meetings and Open Houses like a lot of other companies and shows?
STOELZLE MASNIÈRES PARFUMERIE: Who knows…. I really don’t know. I hope we will be able to have trade shows in 2021 but it will be different still even if they take place. We will have to maintain social distance and/or sanitary procedures. I think there will be more and more online events to allow companies to introduce their products and innovations.
In our case, we are working on offering an online tour of the factory of Masnières so that customers can discover all the work we have achieved and what we have to offer.
Again, as always, we will thrive on our flexibility and agility to be on top of the market.



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