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Sparklike: Why measuring insulating gas concentration of IGUs matter?

The primary benefit of utilizing an insulating glass unit on windows or doors is energy-efficiency since IGUs greatly reduce the cost of heating and cooling. Measuring insulating glass units gas concentration is important since gas fill plays a significant role in thermal performance.

For example, windows cover around 40 percent of the energy loss of buildings and one third of the primary energy in the buildings goes to heating and cooling. Therefore, measuring the gas concentration of insulating glasses has become more important than ever as it contributes to the sustainability and quality of products. That why insulating gas matters and more importantly measuring gas concentration to assure correct filling.

Sparklike manufactures non-destructive insulating gas measuring devices. Since 2000 the company has delivered over 2,200 devices worldwide. Sparklike technology enables insulating glass manufacturers to produce products that meet the ever-tightening industry and government energy standards.

With Sparklike’s non-destructive insulating gas analysers, customers receive quality control for their IG products.

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