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Sparklike: Determining argon concentration in insulating glass units

The ASTM E2649-20 (before ASTM E2649 – 12) standard provides a systematic method for accurately determining argon concentration within IGUs.

Overview of ASTM E2649-20 Standard
ASTM E2649-20 standardizes the procedure for measuring argon concentration in IGUs. It outlines the necessary equipment, sample preparation techniques, and test methodologies required for accurate assessment.

Understanding the Test Method
The test method prescribed by ASTM E2649-20 involves sampling the gas within the IGU and analyzing it using Spark Emission Spectroscopy (SES).

Specific Applications of ASTM E2649-20
The ASTM E2649-20 standard is applicable in various scenarios:

  • Clear, Double-Glazed IGUs: Suitable for standard double-glazed units.
  • Coated or Tinted Glass Units: Applicable if one lite has a metallic coating or tinted glass.
  • Triple-Glazed Units: When the centre lite has a metallic coating and both outer lites are clear.

The method is designed for controlled laboratory environments to ensure precise measurements.

Sparklike Handheld in ASTM E2649-20
Sparklike‘s Handheld device, which uses a high voltage spark to observe the gas fill rate, is featured in the ASTM standard. This device simplifies the process, providing immediate argon concentration results on the screen within just 2 seconds.

Interpretation of Test Results
Interpreting the obtained argon concentration values is essential for assessing IGU performance. Compliance with industry standards and specifications can be determined based on these results.

Practical Applications and Industry Impact
ASTM E2649-20 has significant implications for the IGU industry, ensuring quality control and performance optimization. By implementing this standard, manufacturers can achieve cost savings and energy efficiency improvements. The standardized testing methodology offers a reliable means of assessing IGU performance and meeting customer expectations.

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