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Sorg introduces new oxy fuel burner

Sorg has introduced a low-momentum, low-maintenance oxy-fuel burner, which can be used in melting a wide variety of glass types.

The SORG ® LoM burner can operate in a wide range of media volumes without any need to manually adjust, change or modify the burner and/or burner components. It can be used in melting most types of glasses and any melting furnace capacity.
LoM stands for Low Momentum and Low Maintenance oxy-fuel burner. It allows oxy-fuel furnaces to operate at maximum efficiency due to an optimized flame shape. The stable flame can be adjusted to all furnace geometries, and temperature distributions. What is unique is the possibility to work with low media velocities (and momentum) to further reduce NOx emissions. At the same time the burner also works with low-pressure oxygen, the most cost efficient oxygen supply.

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