SORG Group: Performing well in China

SORG looks forward to seeing the development of this project and many future endeavours

SORG’s new office in Hangzhou City

The SORG Group has consistently delivered performance, endurance and sustainability for 150 years, with three world-leading brands providing a single source for all batch, melting and service requirements.

Whenever a customer in the Chinese glass market needs support during installation and commissioning or has any technical problems and requires a tailored after-sales-service, the talented team at SORG’s new office in Hangzhou City can deliver the best solution.

Located in the Yuhang District, the new team manages all sales, answers inquiries and translates offers and contracts. They also attend exhibitions, give lectures and supports the SORG headquarters in Germany and design office in Anyang.

Together with local contractors, many customers have already enjoyed a personal visit to the Hangzhou office. As a result, SORG has recently received an order to redesign a boosting system and further exciting projects are currently under discussion.