SORG announces South American representative

SORG is pleased to welcome César Rodrigues to the team. César is the founder of the company Vichie and will be representing SORG and EME in South America. His background includes a Master’s degree in materials science and engineering, as well as more than 15 years working in sales, distribution/resale and sales representation of international suppliers.

César has extensive experience in Brazil and South American countries, having taking part in several negotiations within the glass market. These include batch plants, furnaces, inspection machines and goods from initial approach, technical and commercial negotiation, installation/commissioning and after sales service.
International partnerships, a worldwide network, strong relationships and development of business and customers in multicultural environments are some of his comptencies in the pursuit of high performance and continuous results for all companies involved.
In addition to Portuguese, he is also fluent in English and Spanish.
César will be in the SORG/EME booth at the Glassman South America in Buenos Aires on the 29th and 30th of March. We look forward to a successful cooperation.