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SORG: 50 electric years – 50 furnace facts – VII week

In the seventh week of its 50 furnace facts series SORG tells a few things you may or may not already know about the SORG’s electric boosting systems

SORG continues its 50 furnace facts series, with details about SORG’s electric boosting systems.

Read the facts, and more, on the dedicated landing page.

Boosting production – Week Seven
An ideal accompaniment to traditional furnaces that rely on combustion energy, our electric boosters are an important part of our business, with glass plants worldwide benefiting from the unrivalled expertise of SORG.

Fact 39
Electrical energy is used to increase the melting capacity of fossil-fired melters.

Fact 40
We are an independent supplier of electric boosting systems in over 70 countries.

Fact 41
Over 95% of the furnaces SORG currently supplies are fossil-fired melters and almost every one of these has electric boosting installed.

Fact 42
As we’re an independent supplier of boosting systems, customers don’t need to have a SORG furnace to have a SORG electric boosting system installed.

Fact 43
Molybdenum electrodes are installed through the sidewall or the bottom of the furnace.

Fact 44
SORG has its own design of electrode holders – the design is constantly improved by analysis of failures and operation parameters. The new XD electrode holder features reliable operation even under hard conditions.

Fact 45
The electrode holders require uninterrupted supply of cooling water of sufficient quality.

Fact 46
SORG’s electric melting department also offers complete cooling water supply systems, which are engineered in-house.

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