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SOFTECO: Expertise in all normative and informative tests

Softeco is a leading supplier of Quality Control Equipment for the flat glass industry worldwide, both architectural and automotive. The company closely follows changes in EU regulations and international norms, updating its supply and services accordingly.

4 point bender for mechanical resistance test

Softeco was founded in 1984, and since 1988 it has been active in the safety glass industry. Thanks to more than 30 years’ experience, the company provides machinery and instruments for safety glass production and quality control.

Softeco provides expertise in all normative and informative tests according to ECE R43. The company supplies all necessary QC equipment, such as:

  • dropping towers and supports for test pieces;
  • impact objects;
  • projectors and slides;
  • resistance to radiation test equipment;
  • light transmission mea-surement;

Softeco can also coordinate ECE R, DOT and CCC certification processes.

Softeco provides knowledge and consultation services for CE marking and tests, supplying a full solution in addition to equipment and machinery to perform obligatory and non-obligatory tests, such as:

  • spring loaded punch;
  • roller wave gauges and edge lift gauge;
  • optical surface and edge stress measurement equipment;
  • resistance to high temperature test furnaces;
  • automatic pummel testers for laminated glass;
  • insulated glass units gas concentration measurement;
  • low-E emissivity testers, and much more.

Some of the quality control equipment provided by Softeco can also be used to optimise production parameters: avoiding waste and increase yield.

All test instruments for glass CE conformity
All test instruments for ECE R43 conformity

In addition to all mandatory QC instruments, the company also provides instruments for daily or random testing, such as:

  • coating detection for IGU glass;
  • tin-side detectors;
  • PVB humidity meters;
  • and much more.

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