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Smart Lift & Peerless Products Announce Exclusive Glass Mover Program

New program offers the convenience of having Peerless products and SmartLift glass movers delivered together to job sites

Smart Lift Solutions, LLC and Peerless Products Inc. have announced a collaboration to provide customers with the convenience and efficiency of moving and installing windows on any project. The new glass mover program matches Smart Lift Solutions glass manipulators to Peerless window orders, with Peerless products and SmartLift® glass movers delivered together to job sites.

The partnership brings together two industry leaders – Smart Lift Solutions, the first nationwide provider of specialized heavy glass and glazing lifting equipment, and Peerless Products, known as world-class innovators who deliver a best-in-class client experience and unequaled American Made glazing products.

“We’ve created the ultimate convenience for glaziers by giving them the option to rent and deliver the ideal SmartLift glass mover, such as the Smartlift 1008, with their Peerless window orders on the same shipment,” said Tim Finley, Co-Founder of Smart Lift Solutions, LLP. “This collaboration identifies the right high-quality SmartLift glass mover for the job, providing seamless customer service every step of the way.”

SmartLift is the industry leader in glass manipulators, which can lift and position both straight and curved glass and windows precisely, using a powerful vacuum seal to ensure glass will be safely transported to the installation site without damaging the material.

These glass manipulators can now be included on any Peerless Product order, with free delivery and a flexible rental timeframe. This glass manipulator rental model eliminates the significant robotic lifting equipment capital investment (between USD 40,000 to USD 60,000 per machine), as well as storage and maintenance expenses for contractors.

“We’ve come together with Smart Lift Solutions to make glass installation as easy and cost-effective as ordering our windows,” said Justin Ebert, National Business Director with Peerless Products Inc. “Our customers will now enjoy the considerable safety benefits and reduced risk of product damage that glass manipulators provide, all without the high overhead costs associated with owning them.”

Effective immediately, this exclusive partnership provides Peerless Products’ customers access to a wide array of easy-to-operate SmartLift glass manipulators, available in multiple sizes with various lifting capacities and reach, perfect for interior or exterior builds in both commercial and residential construction. The SmartLift lineup of machines includes SmartLift 1008, SmartLift 380, SmartLift 408, SmartLift 608, SmartLift 580, and the SmartLift 400 Sky Lifter.

“We founded Smart Lift Solutions to fill a specific need within the building community and are thrilled to take it a step further by teaming up with Peerless Products to make glass installation easier and safer than ever before,” said Finley.

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