Şişecam Group’s new furnace investment in Turkey

Şişecam Group’s glass packaging production capacity in Turkey reaches 1.3 million tons

A global actor in flat glass, glassware, glass packaging and glass fiber, as well as soda and chromium chemicals, Şişecam Group continues its investments in Turkey. With an investment of 18.2 million USD, the Group commissioned a new furnace with an annual production capacity of 80,000 tons at the Mersin Glass Packaging Plant.
Şişecam Group, the fifth largest glass packaging producer in the world with its 10 production facilities in four countries, increased its annual production capacity to 1.3 million tons level in Turkey, with the latest furnace investment at its Mersin Glass Packaging Plant.

In a statement regarding the new investment, Prof. Ahmet Kırman, Şişecam Group Vice Chairman and CEO, underlined how the Group continues their investments without pause, and the new furnace at the Mersin Glass Packaging Plant was an indicator of the Group’s confidence in Turkey’s future.

“We are among the top three in glassware, top five in flat glass and glass packaging, top ten in soda production, and the first in chromium chemicals worldwide. Today, our Group continues its production activities in 13 countries, and has become a leading player in its field in the world for more than 80 years since its establishment. As Şişecam Group, we carry pursue our efforts towards the goal of sustainable growth and continue to contribute to the national economy and create value for all of our stakeholders with our investments,” Kırman said.

Kırman noted, “Şişecam has increased its annual glass packaging capacity in Turkey to 1.3 million tons with the commissioning of the new furnace equipped with a new Industry 4.0 compliant technology. Being Turkey’s largest glass packaging manufacturer, in 2017, our Group carried its production capacity in Turkey over 1 million tons with an investment of 33 million USD at Mersin Glass Packaging Plant.

“In 2018, we raised our capacity to the level of 1.2 million tons with the fourth furnace commissioned at Eskisehir Glass Packaging Plant with an investment of 66 million USD. In the last three years, we have increased our glass packaging capacity in Turkey by 30 percent to the level of 1.3 million tons with new furnace and capacity increasing investments. Today, we carry on our production activity with 12 furnaces in total in our three glass packaging facilities operating in Bursa, Eskişehir and Mersin,”.

Şişecam Glass Packaging Plant in Mersin draws attention with its prominent position in exports, thanks to its proximity to the port. Breaking its own record every year in exports volume, Şişecam Glass Packaging has expanded its target, and focused particularly on the European and American markets.

Şişecam Glass Packaging exceeded the threshold of 100,000 tons in 2016 for the first time with 125,000 tons of overseas sales, and reached 170,000 tons of export volume in 2018.

Şişecam Glass Packaging, a supplier for numerous multi-national companies, particularly aims to expand its customer portfolio, and significantly contributes to Turkey’s growing glass packaging exports while playing a major role in meeting the domestic demand.