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Şişecam GlassTool adds new features

Şişecam has added brand new features to its innovative and user-friendly application Şişecam GlassTool, further enriching the service it offers to users. Equipped with new features such as the ability to create a performance table with different glass combinations, different language options, and the ability to calculate by adding enamel paints to different sub-category glass products, GlassTool will make glass selection much easier for users.

Şişecam Glasstool, validated by the independent accredited institution Inisma according to EN 17871 and NFRC standards, is the first application to receive validation for the American NFRC calculations.

Thanks to the newly added features of Şişecam GlassTool, which can be accessed via the website and mobile application, glass combinations can now be created much faster and easier.

Şişecam GlassTool helps users to:

  • Calculate performance on a wider scale with the principle of multi- computing,
  • Select the unit of measurement in “mm” or “inch”,
  • Calculate with European (EN) and American (NFRC) standards,
  • Change angles and calculate performance for facades with different angles,
  • Easily access products with the quick search option,
  • Quickly access CE documents and BIM Objects,
  • Download the performance result page in PDF format,
  • Save projects and templates, and retrieve deleted ones from trash,
  • Create a performance table with different combinations,
  • Bulgarian, Italian, and Russian language options,
  • Create 5-layer laminated combinations,
  • Drop the selected layer on the desired surface of the combination with interface enhancement,
  • Calculate by adding enamel paints to different sub-category glass products.

Şişecam GlassTool can be accessed free of charge, via or mobile application. Apple Store, Google Play Store.


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