Şişecam: Folkart Ardıç Residence – a project in touch with nature

Şişecam’s flat glass products were chosen in the Folkart Ardıç Residence project in Çeşme/İzmir, Turkey

The Folkart Ardıç Residence project, designed by Dilekci Mimarlik / DDA, is one of the reference projects brought to life with the innovative products of Şişecam that pioneers many firsts in the field of flat glass, and leads the development of the flat glass industry in Turkey and the region.

The high light transmittance, heat insulation and solar control requested in the project are provided by a single coating of Şişecam Temperable Solar Control Low-E Glass Neutral 62/44.

The Folkart Ardıç Residence is located in Çeşme, Izmir, Turkey. The general design layout is created with the principle of preserving the juniper trees in the middle of the residential area. Also, juniper trees determine the form by diminishing the structure massively.