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SibSteklo plans to build a new furnace in 2020

The deadline of the new furnace is October 2020

Sibirskoe Steklo OOO  (SibSteklo) thanks their team, their customers and suppliers for helping to achieve great results in 2019. After years of investments, quality increase and building an excellent team , the company output increased from 470 million to 597 million glass containers. A wonderful journey from 340 millions bottles produced in 2014.

Revenues rose from 2.8 billion to 3.68 billion RUB and, in addition, in 2019, Sibsteklo achieved savings in fuel and energy resources and improved the organization of the glassmaking process.

The EBITDA of the glass container business in 2019 was 750 million RUB – 42 percent higher than in 2018.

SibSteklo plans to begin construction of a new furnace in 2020, however, due to the introduction of restrictive measures against the spread of COVID-19, the deadline was postponed to October.

Design was entrusted to the Italian company Glass Service, experts from the UK, Germany, the Czech Republic and Turkey were invited to oversee the construction work. Five glass-forming machines will be installed and the capacity of the company should increase up to 720-740 million while improving EBITDA results and aiming to 1,250 billion RUB next year, increasing profitability and efficiency at the same time.

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