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Shanghai NorthGlass issues statement concerning patent dispute

The company is committed to resolving legal disputes in the interest of customers.

Shanghai NorthGlass has released the following statement in response to the Glaston press release:

For more than two decades, Shanghai NorthGlass and her mother company Luoyang NorthGlass have been on the forefront of technological advancement in the glass tempering sector. Due to its significant research and development efforts, both Shanghai NorthGlass and Luoyang NorthGlass have acquired a substantial portfolio of proprietary technology and patent rights.

Shanghai NorthGlass’ increasing role in the worldwide market has not remained unnoticed and, unfortunately, has led some of its competitors to engage in legal disputes, some of which may also be noticed on a customer and end-user level. Shanghai NorthGlass takes these disputes seriously and remains committed to protecting its customers against any legal threats.

For this purpose, and in light of recent events, Shanghai NorthGlass would like to share the following information:
In 2012, Glaston Corporation (“Glaston”), a Finnish manufacturer for glass bending machines, accused Shanghai NorthGlass of infringement of its European patent EP 0679613 B1 by the sale and distribution of a specific type of glass bending machines to Germany. While this specific type of machines only account for a very low percentage of its numerous products, Shanghai NorthGlass strongly defended its legal position in this dispute and provided the court with substantial non-infringement arguments.
In early 2017, after different expert opinions had been obtained, a first instance (i.e. not yet final) decision was handed down, which granted some of the asserted claims. Importantly, as EP 0679613 B1 expired on 25 April 2015 already, this decision does however not include an injunction, and does thereby not prohibit the continued use of the accused type of glass bending machines. Also, due to its expiration, EP 0679613 B1 will not prevent the future use of any other product sold and distributed by Shanghai NorthGlass. Shanghai NorthGlass has filed an appeal against the decision, which is currently pending with the competent courts.
Similar claims have been asserted by Glaston / Tamglass against Shanghai NorthGlass also in the UK and Canada in 2006 and 2010. Two patents asserted in the UK and Canada have also expired, and Shanghai NorthGlass considers the asserted claims to be unmerited. While it therefore reserves its rights to a defence by all legal means available, Shanghai NorthGlass will honour any final and binding court decision, and is working towards a final and swift resolution of all further disputes resulting from any such decision.

Here also, Shanghai NorthGlass’ main focus is to protect, to the best of its possibilities, its valued customers from the consequences of any legal action undertaken by Glaston or any other competitors, now or in future.

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