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SGD Pharma unveils NOVA – a new lightweight glass bottle

SGD Pharma has announced the expansion of its cosmetics and beauty offering with the introduction of NOVA – a new lightweight glass bottle.

NOVA from SGD Pharma directly enables brands using this lightweight glass packaging solution to be more eco-friendly while keeping luxury and aesthetics of the packaging at the forefront. New NOVA bottles, unveiled at Cosmoprof Asia in Hong Kong, are the innovative result of SGD Pharma’s expertise in manufacturing robust pharma-grade glass packaging.

SGD Pharma is a global market leader in moulded glass packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, and an expert in Narrow Neck Press and Blow (NNPB) forming technology in pharma bottles.

This technical know-how is already used in its Clareo offering of premium pharma glass vials, and is adapted here for the benefit of cosmetic and beauty customers. The weight reduction is combined with a glass distribution optimization providing better mechanical resistance. NOVA bottles look appealing, withstand transport and distribution pressures and have a smaller carbon footprint. Reducing the weight of packaging materials is a promising solution to minimize GHGs emissions.

On a new 200ml bottle in its NOVA range, SGD Pharma has reported approximately 20 percent reduction in CO2 emissions compared with the standard Dorado bottle thanks to less raw materials consumption, number based on SGD Pharma’s estimated scope 1 & 2.

This CO2 emission reduction is a result of reduced weight of the bottle. The Dorado standard 200 millilitre bottle weighs 178 grams while a Nova 200 millilitre bottle weighs 140 grams. The weight-volume ratio is an important parameter to measure the lightness of glass bottles and the ratio of conventional cosmetic bottles produced by Blow and Blow process ranges from 1.0 to 3.0 (the weight-volume ratio represents the weight over brimful capacity, the lower this number, the lighter the bottle).

The new 200 millilitre bottle in the NOVA range (with a brimful volume of 215 millilitres and a weight of just 140 gram) has reached an extremely low weight-volume ratio of 0.65, while retaining the same properties and safety as the heavier Dorado model. Nova therefore enables weight reduction in the supply chain and appeals to the consumer drive for greener packaging.

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