SGD Pharma invests 20 million EUR for Sucy-en-Brie plant

SGD Pharma group announced an investment to rebuild one of two furnaces and modernize the site

The SGD Pharma plant in Sucy-en-Brie, France, is looking into the future with new developments. SGD Pharma group and its shareholder JIC have announced an investment of more than 20 million EUR to rebuild the furnace and modernize the site.

After 12 years of continuous operation, one of the two furnaces will be completely rebuilt and extended in 2021. These works, which will require modification of the building’s superstructures, will improve the site’s environmental performance with a 10 percent reduction in consumption of energy.

The production lines will all be modernized with the most recent technologies. Finally, the acquisition of new machines for the inspection and control lines will improve the detection of non-conformities.

All of these investments will allow SGD Pharma to improve the industrial performance of the site by improving the quality and flexibility of production. The work will last two months, during which SGD Pharma will rely on its other production sites to fulfil orders.