Sevesglassblock releases latest collection of vibrant coloured blocks

The Mendini Collection is the newest line of glass blocks recently released by SEVESGLASSBLOCK.

Inspired by nature and conceived to incite new visual nuances and sensations in contemporary interiors, the collection takes its name from the collective creativity of its creators, Alessandro and Francesco Mendini. A new generation of constructive elements for interiors, the Mendini Collection is comprised of “Pegasus” winged glass blocks – special blocks that effectively reduce the joint size to only 2mm – in 19x19x8 cm dimensions with a smooth glass design and metallised finishing. The “hand made” process used to achieve the bright, modern colours, is made possible by the refined, artisan production technologies that maintain the authentic purity of the shades; 16 vibrant colour possibilities, each given the name of a precious stone, for a new, luminous and transparent design.
More information is available on the company website