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Sefpro Wool provides environmental solution for refectory market

Learn more about WOOL by SEFPRO, the new generation of chromic oxide refractories with superior properties, and the only full recycling solution on the market at their Expert’s Talk at HOTBELS (April 19-20, Lexington KY).

This promising and significant project for SEFPRO meets a dual objective: on one hand, to develop a new range of chromium refractory products bringing much better performances in application for insulation glass furnaces; on the other, to respond to the global environmental issue posed by end-of-life refractories by proposing a recycling service.
In this way, SEFPRO is providing an environmental solution that is unprecedented on the refractory market and which enables 100% of waste to be recovered and then reprocessed into new products in the WOOL range.
Compliant with U.S. and European environmental legislation, the project is covered by three patents, in particular for the grain production and recycling processes.
“WOOL: A New Chromic Oxide Refractory & Recycling Solution for Insulation Glass” by Thibault Champion.
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