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Sedak: Big on details

sedak equals oversize insulating and safety glass up to 16 m in premium quality. Since ‘big’ is not only a question of dimensions, the glass manufacturer from Gersthofen will focus on perfection in detail at BAU 2017.

What that means for glass, sedak will be displaying with four large exhibits in hall C2, stand 100: an insulating glass unit with a unique quality of the edge seal produced in a fully automated way, a high-resolution ceramic-ink digital print with a back-lit image, a part of a glass-fin façade with just a few connection elements, and a cold-bent triple laminate. The latter was produced for the shipbuilding sector and has already been installed e.g. as a 10-layer laminate. The triple unit caught a lot of attention at this year’s glasstec. With those exhibits in special size, sedak underlines its pioneering role arising from a ten-year experience in glass technology for oversize and special glass.
sedak is a leading innovator for oversize formats and customized solutions and has established a high level of know-how in manufacturing large glass. Often that competence can be seen in details. To show that, sedak will be exhibition glass at the BAU 2017 according to the motto “Big in Detail” using four exhibits to explain the know-how behind it.
Glass in a key position
Maximum transparency can be achieved as soon as the façade’s supporting structure is out of glass. sedak shows this modern architecture with two façade elements connected to a glass fin. Both the 6 m high fin and the glass panes are fascinating multiple laminates fabricated with an edge quality characteristic for sedak. The toggle system with its minimalistic connection elements, is of technical brilliance. The parts have been laminated between the laminates’ layers in a highly precise way so that the elements are almost invisible. This unique technology opens new ways of designing facades. sedak has used that technique e.g. for the Apple Cube in New York, the Skywalk in Dubai as well as for several glass-fin façades of premium stores. The glass manufacturer produces the supporting glass fins with fixing elements like metal shoes. That allows for a simple installation at the site.
Large print with high level of detail
With a 5.5 m long and 2.6 m high glass pane, sedak shows not only its motto „Big in Detail” but also its printing capability. Since 2014, sedak has operated a ceramic-ink digital printer for 16 m long glass with a resolution of 720 dpi. That enables sedak to demonstrate a back-lit, printed glass that impresses with excellent color brilliance and a very high level of detail. By firing the colors in the tempering furnace, they are permanently bonded to the surface and the print is extremely resistant. The glass produced for the BAU 2017 has been printed with a photo showing how an insulating glass unit is being siliconized on the world’s largest insulating glass line in sedak’s production hall.
Curved with precision
Cold-bending during lamination enables sedak to produce curved glass of very high quality. During the lamination process in the autoclave, only the foils between the glass layers melt. After the cooling the glass therefore appears in perfect quality without any roller waves or other defects.
Cold-bent multiple laminates redefine the possibilities of glass processing. The fabrication requires an absolute precision and dimensional accuracy. sedak exemplarily presents a 20 mm thick triple laminate in the dimensions 1.28 m x 3.68 m just as it has been installed in a mega yacht. The bending line with a rise of 120 mm is diagonal so that the glass pane nestles perfectly against the ship’s spherically shaped hull. Besides the high demand for precision, the glass panes have to pass leak tests for the usage under water. But the architectural sector also benefits from cold-bent glass since it allows for diverse designing possibilities.
Automated perfection up to 15m
sedak produces double and triple insulating glass units with a length up to 15 m on the fully automated insulating glass line. The industrial manufacture ensures that all details are executed correctly. An exact positioning of the spacer and a precise siliconizing is guaranteed even with non-rectangular glass. Furthermore, the IGU line has reduced the production time significantly so that large formats are now fabricated more economically. As an example of a highly precise production of oversize glass units, sedak showcases a 2.800 mm wide, 4.000 mm high, and 600 mm thick triple insulating glass unit that also consists a laminate. For the highest quality requirements and a uniform and exact appearance, the coated glass pane has a printed edge.
Innovation leadership – forward thinking
sedak will not only show large formats but also that its big on quality. In particular with special constructions, the glass manufacturer demonstrates its solution-oriented competence – always with automated precision. For its self-conception as a leading innovator, sedak has pushed the production automation further with new technologies and machines during the last two years. And also the logistic has been developed. sedak now has the world’s largest inloader that transports glass up to 16 m including the glass rack. Due to its refined interior concept, no escort vehicle is required. A crane or a glass vacuum lifter for a time-consuming unloading is no longer necessary.

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