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Schott producing more perfect light with specialty lenses

Ernst Abbe helped lay the theoretical foundation for stereo microscopes. Today, the international technology group SCHOTT, founded in part by Abbe, continues refining stereo microscope applications with aspherical lenses.

Though unconventional, the lenses amplify LED cold light sources for stereo microscopes, giving experts in laboratories more precise lighting and imaging capabilities as they study three-dimensional microstructures.
SCHOTT’s cover lens, made of optical glass with aspheres, aids industries as diverse as medicine, materials science, and manufacturing. These aspherical lenses guarantee significantly higher light homogeneity and intensity because of the increased efficiency gained by coupling the light. In addition, it’s specifically adapted for LED lights so they fit perfectly on fiber optic light guides. As a result, laboratory technicians can view samples more clearly, as the improved lighting reveals hidden details that can only be seen when the best light is available.
“Stereo microscopes are the workhorses of the lab, but there are always opportunities for improvement,” said Tom Bender, Director of Sales – North America. “SCHOTT’s aspherical lenses are one such advancement. By optimizing LEDs, this small component has a big impact, improving the available light to give researchers a clearer and more accurate view of the specimens they’re examining.”

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