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SCHOTT Pharma boasts strong financial performance in 2022

In a record year of growth, sales increased by 27 percent to EUR 821 million and EBITDA by 33 percent to EUR 219 million

SCHOTT Pharma, a pioneer in pharma drug containment and delivery solutions, further accelerated its trajectory and achieved another record year of growth. In the fiscal year 2022, SCHOTT Pharma generated sales of EUR 821 million, marking a 27 percent increase compared to the previous year. Over the past five years, SCHOTT Pharma has realized sustained profitable topline growth of more than 10 percent CAGR.

Profitability increased even stronger in fiscal year 2022, resulting in an EBITDA up 33 percent to EUR 219 million, and an EBITDA margin increase of 1.4 percentage points to 26.7 percent. This underlines SCHOTT Pharma’s leading role in the growing injectables market.

“Further, we expect the addressable market to increase annually by 7 to 8 percent in the following years,” said Andreas Reisse, CEO at SCHOTT Pharma. “In particular, we saw a rising demand for our strong-margin high-value solutions, such as prefillable glass and polymer syringes, as well as ready-to-use containment solutions.

“We were able to grow our business significantly with profitability rising at the same time. Our strategic investments have helped us capitalize on fast-growing pharma trends. This outstanding performance was achieved despite facing an overall challenging environment, driven by rising energy and raw material costs as well as high volatility in the market,” said Almuth Steinkühler, CFO at SCHOTT Pharma.

SCHOTT Pharma reached important milestones in recent months supporting the company’s strong growth momentum. Highlights include the expansion of its global production network with a new plant for prefillable polymer syringes in Müllheim, Germany, breaking ground on a new production hub for prefillable glass syringes in Lukácsháza, Hungary and ramping up production for ready-to-use cartridges in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Furthermore, the company expanded its so-called ready-to-use (RTU) product portfolio with a no-touch transfer solution for safer and easier pharma manufacturing, while further enhancing its high-value vial product portfolio known-as SCHOTT EVERIC®, among others.

SCHOTT Pharma produced around 13 billion units for the pharma industry in the last fiscal year to safely store and administer medications. The portfolio includes prefillable glass and polymer syringes, cartridges, vials and ampoules. Every minute, more than 25,000 people around the world receive an injection with medication filled in a SCHOTT Pharma product. Overall, SCHOTT Pharma benefits from the strong growth of the market for injectables, which makes up one of the most dynamic segments in the industry.

“Looking ahead, we are expecting to continue to outperform the market growth,” said Reisse.

The company plans to further strengthen its business with high-value solutions. For example, RTU containers, which are pre-washed and pre-sterilized to allow pharma companies to start filling their drugs immediately. While such prefillable syringes have been in the industry for decades, RTU vials and cartridges are well established for clinical trials and first commercial drugs. SCHOTT Pharma is seeing increasing demand from its customers to use these solutions also for commercial drug production and is prepared to meet the shift in demand towards RTU solutions.

There is also promise in prefillable polymer syringes for mRNA-based medications, which often must be stored at temperatures of below 80 degrees Celsius.

“To our knowledge, we are the only supplier to offer a syringe system to meet these requirements,” said Reisse. “SCHOTT Pharma is ideally positioned to capitalize on this fast-growing pharma trend.”

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