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SCHOTT FIOLAX® clear and FIOLAX® amber

Proven Quality Credentials in the Pharmaceutical Market.

Otto Schott, founder of the present day SCHOTT AG, was far ahead of his time. When he brought the FIOLAX® glass tubing for the manufacture of small medicine bottles and ampoules onto the market in 1911, he created a product that still satisfies the highest quality standards today.
Sensitive pharmaceuticals, generic drugs and modern biotech drugs can be stored safely due to its excellent barrier properties.

Chemical Resistance
Due to its low alkali content, FIOLAX® is a premium glass of the first hydrolytic class. The special glass stands for outstanding chemical resistance, neutrality, impermeability, and strength. Apart from being a perfect neutral glass container for injectable solutions, FIOLAX® also makes a particularly safe packaging medium for biotechnological products.

Protection against Ultraviolet Rays 
FIOLAX® amber additionally offers effective protection against ultraviolet rays and short-wave visible light.
FIOLAX® therefore fulfills the most stringent packaging requirements for the degree of permanent protection demanded for parenteral medicines.

Anti-Scratch Coating
Upon request, the tubes can also be coated to protect them from scratches, by using coating materials which are used as a standard emulsifier in the pharmaceutical industry, known as Tween derivative.
FIOLAX® perfectly meets all our customers’ requirements for manufacturing in accordance with the GMP Guidelines.

Tubing Ends for all Applications
FIOLAX® is available in a vast range of end finishes to meet any requirements.
For vials and ampoules, closed ends manufactured in accordance with SCHOTT’s own DENSOCAN® system are a safe and reliable way to avoid contamination in the process chain, both before and during processing.

For syringes and cartridges, open tubing ends have stood the test of time as the standard solution most preferred by our customers. It goes without saying that other types of tubing ends are also available on request.

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