SATINAL – TK introduces the innovative laminating vacuum bag

TKlean Bag from Satinal – TK Glass Machinery is the result of the company’s continuous R&D work regarding the development of its safety glass ecosystem of products.

TKlean Bag – avoiding edge cleaning in any glass lamination furnace
Satinal – TK Glass Machinery is introducing TKlean Bag, the latest innovative laminating vacuum bag that, combined with STRATO® Glass Interlayers, allows perfect edge finishing and improved glass flatness after the lamination process, drastically reducing the need of expensive labour and cleaning operations.

The state-of-the-art laminating vacuum bag is the result of the constant commitment of the S-Lab R&D department in the continuous improvement of its products and industrial processes.

Safety glass ecosystem of products
Satinal is once again demonstrating its technological leadership in developing its safety glass ecosystem of products, ranging from the highest quality STRATO® Glass Interlayers, to the widest range of TK Glass laminating machinery in the industry, from small to big size, and to the innovative selection of accessories for the manufacture of safety glass, improving the daily life of glass operators.

Perfect PLUG&PLAY solution 
TKlean Bag is the perfect PLUG&PLAY solution for any glass laminator in the world to solve one of the main problems generated by vacuum bag laminating furnaces: edge cleaning and glass distortion. TKlean Bag is compatible with any brand of glass laminating machinery and can be easily installed by Satinal technicians worldwide, without the need of any capital investment.

The Italian ecosystem for safety glass manufacture created by Satinal allow
every customer around the world to benefit from the synergies and innovative
solutions developed by Satinal over decades of experience in glass
processing. Now Satinal proudly become the European center of excellence for
Chemical Tempering and Safety Glass manufacture.

Any customer interested in seeing and testing TKlean Bag is welcome to visit
Satinal factory in Italy: the only company in the world where you can see
under one roof STRATO® EVA film production, an operating TK Chemical
Tempering plant, TK Glass Machinery manufacture and the S-Lab R&D laboratory
with a wide range of testing equipment for your laminated safety glass.

TKlean Bag: save a lot of money, at no cost.

Satinal S.p.A. |

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