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SATINAL: The Italian ecosystem for safety glass manufacture

Innovation, technological research, high-performance polymeric interlayers, Industry 4.0 machinery for the glass industry. These are just some of the important features of SATINAL, set up thanks to the long tradition of its founders – the Bresciani family – in the glass sector. The company operates internationally in over 60 countries, constantly searching for the highest performance of all its products.

Innovative solutions and 360° support for customers are a fundamental part of the work that SATINAL carried out each and every day, at global level. The company provides the worldwide glass market with the widest range of EVA films for safety glass in interior and exterior projects, encapsulating films for the photovoltaic industry and high-quality machinery specially designed for customers, with assistance and constant advice over time.

SATINAL features a multi-brand architecture, which encompasses a range of products and machinery for the glass industry worldwide:

  • TK – Engineering and manufacturing of glass processing machinery (lamination, tempering, chemical tempering, heat soak testing);
  • STRATO® – Manufacturing of polymeric interlayers for glass lamination/encapsulation;
  • SATINAL – Production of chemicals and machinery for glass frosting and acid-etching.

S-LAB is SATINAL’s in-house R&D Laboratory, where new products are developed and tested. The company technical staff focus on providing complete technical assistance and consulting services all over the world.

STRATO® is the first ever EVA glass interlayer ‘Made in Italy’. SATINAL’s proprietary and innovative EVA interlayers are processed from the granular raw material into a cast film that is then used to manufacture laminated safety glass.
The STRATO® production site is the first ever located in Italy and ensures the high standards required by a premium-quality product.
SATINAL operates two branches in North and South America in order to provide a close customer service in international markets.
Being a cross-linking material, STRATO® can be used for laminating safety glass for both architectural and interior design applications without running the risk of de-lamination and yellowing over time.
Particular attention is paid to customer service intended primarily as research: the SATINAL laboratory not only formulates increasingly advanced interlayers in performance, but is at the service of customers to perform tests on request and to offer their advice.
The application of EVA film is, in fact, a sensitive process that requires precise temperatures and cycle times. The quality controls carried out in-house are meant to ensure the perfect adhesion of the material with the glass surface.
SATINAL’s in-depth expertise acquired in treating EVA-based materials is essential to master all their potential applications and thoroughly exploit the advantages they offer.
STRATO® EVA film is a thermosetting material, and is significantly different from PVB film (Polyvinyl butyral), which is a thermoplastic material. STRATO® EVA film creates three-dimensional bonds at molecular level during the lamination process. The interlayer is not sensitive to humidity or water, and therefore does not need to be stored in controlled humidity and temperature conditions.

STRATO® CLEAR: The highest degree of transparency for the architectural glass market. Delivered in rolls from 300-mm up to 2600-mm wide.
– STRATO® Plus
– STRATO® Extra Chiaro
STRATO® FROST:Different frosted finishings to perfectly blend into any architectural or interior design project. Exceptional durability
– STRATO® Satinato
– STRATO® Leggero
STRATO® COLOUR: When it comes to design and total opacity, solid colours are the perfect solution. More in the pipeline, keep updated.
– STRATO® Bianco
– STRATO® Latte
– STRATO® Nero
STRATO® BIRD FRIENDLY: The first EVA interlayer that combines the benefits of laminated safety glass with a bird-friendly design. Several patterns available.
STRATO® SOLAR CONTROL: Innovative high-performance EVA film providing efficient solar control. Exceptional resistance to weathering exposure.
– STRATO® Fresco
STRATO® PHOTOVOLTAIC: EVA and POE encapsulants specially designed for photovoltaic modules. Structural support, protection and electrical insulation.


TK is the SATINAL brand with which it designs and builds furnaces for glass lamination, tempering, chemical tempering and Heat Soak Testing: the Italian brand of innovative and high quality glass machinery appreciated throughout the world. The glass furnaces are intended for small-, medium- and large companies that need to start or increase their production capacity and improve the quality performance of their finished products. Working in close collaboration with customers, SATINAL guarantees the best Italian technology and European components to meet the quality standards and requirements they demand.
Satinal is specialized in the design and construction of furnaces and kilns for glass lamination, tempering, chemical tempering and Heat Soak Test.
TK ovens have a low energy consumption compared to the average of furnaces produced and marketed internationally. This is due to the quality of the materials, such as the use of high-quality and performing technical insulators.
SATINAL provides an accurate H24 after-sales service and assists during the machinery installation, and – if needed – offer training on the lamination processes and operating modes of the oven.

SATINAL is an Italian brand recognized as a global leader in the production of frosting chemical compounds and frosting machinery for the glass industry – both hollow glass and flat glass.
SATINAL is synonymous with quality and reliability. The raw materials used to manufacture the company’s products are carefully selected, controlled and balanced to provide a high-quality frosted finishing on any glass surface.
Our wide range of solutions is delivered, above all, to the cosmetics, lighting and beverage industry – with the capability of creating bespoke formulations to meet the peculiar requirements of customers all over the world.

The new SATINAL.IT site is online
The new site is online: a complete platform dedicated to the safety glass industry, from the production of EVA film to machines for the glass industry, as well as the first e-commerce of the sector.
Product sections
The website presents the three souls of SATINAL: the TK machines for the glass industry (complete ranges for lamination and chemical tempering, with the availability of accessories in e-commerce), the STRATO® interlayers, available in different performance families (transparency, colour, outdoor applications, attention to nature, solar control, applications in photovoltaics and respect for the sustainability of buildings) and the SATINAL frosting chemical compounds and frosting machinery for the glass industry – hollow glass and flat glass.
On the site, you also find the latest innovations such as the new range of encapsulating films created for the photovoltaic sector for the production of photovoltaic panels.

The first e-commerce in the world for the glass industry
The part of the site for e-commerce is unique within the panorama of the manufacturers: accessories, instruments, components for furnaces, test equipment. Satinal offers a wide range of tools useful for lamination and for durability or mechanical resistance tests of laminated glass.


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