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Satinal Strato® Carbon Free earns ISCC+ certificate

Using renewable sources for its production processes to make a “green” and traceable product, Satinal - STRATO® Carbon Free is the first ever sustainable glass interlayer in the world and receive ISCC+ certification

STRATO®, the only Italian EVA interlayer manufacturer for safety glass lamination, has achieved ISCC+ certification (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification), thanks to the highly innovative new product range of STRATO® Carbon Free interlayers manufactured in Italy through an entirely sustainable raw material supply chain and eco-friendly production process.

With this certification, STRATO® has demonstrated the company’s superior and unmatched technological leadership in the safety glass interlayers industry thanks to constant investments in Satinal’s research and development department: S-LAB.

This achievement represents a further step forward in Satinal’s pioneering commitment to important global issues such as sustainability and environmental care: the goal is to consolidate the nature of Italian excellence in the world through new innovative, unique and advanced solutions.

ISCC+ is a sustainability certification system linked to the goals included in the “2030 World Agenda for Sustainability” presented by the United Nations. It is awarded to companies that monitor and demonstrate the sustainability of products through the controls of traceability requirements and the mass balance of the entire product system, given by a responsible consumption and production chain.

STRATO® Carbon Free expresses the company’s renewed focus on environmental aspects such as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the protection of natural biospheres and an increase in social sustainability throughout its production process. The commitment is also to guarantee its customers traceability along the entire value chain: the result is a new, green and sustainable product with a limited impact on the environment. STRATO® also uses internal fully renewable sources for its production processes.
Once again STRATO® proves itself to be an innovative and ever-growing brand, committed every day to guarantee premium quality standards, always attentive to the sensitive issues that surround it, playing its role in building a healthy relationship between the development of its products and the planet.

Satinal’s vision, based on quality and innovation, has driven the company towards economic and environmentally sustainable solutions. Raising awareness of environmental issues and a commitment to respect and protect nature are topics considered as moral and social obligations. This is why Satinal is always active in the search for new investments to adopt new solutions that improve environmental sustainability, the reduction of harmful emissions and energy efficiency.

Do you want to protect the environment and join Satinal’s efforts to reduce your carbon footprint? Choose STRATO® Carbon Free.

Any customer interested in seeing Satinal solutions is welcome to visit Satinal factory in Italy: a company where you can see under one roof STRATO® EVA film production, an operating TK Chemical Temper plant, TK Glass Machinery manufacture and the S LAB R&D laboratory with a wide range of testing equipment for your laminated safety glass.

Via del Lavoro, 1
22036 Erba (CO) – Italy
Ph.: +39-031-870573
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