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SATINAL: Strato® Bird Friendly – the first anti-collision eva film to protect birds

Satinal produces in Italy the first anti-collision EVA film for bird-friendly applications thanks to the development of its own exclusive extrusion technology. STRATO® BIRD FRIENDLY is the first innovative and unique EVA interlayer on the market: it makes it possible to obtain a laminated safety glass characterized by lines, dots or patterns, recognizable by birds that, consequently, will avoid colliding against the glass.

Thanks to the development of an exclusive extrusion technology, Satinal has created the first anti-collision EVA film for birds in Italy.
Strato® Bird Friendly is an innovative and unique line on the market: these special EVA interlayers allow to obtain a laminated safety glass characterized by lines, dots or patterns, recognizable by birds that, consequently, will avoid colliding against the glass.
Satinal has created the design of these effective patterns at its in-house R&D Lab, based on studies carried out by International Associations and Laboratories that have been analysing the flight and behaviour of birds for several years. Some tests have shown that most of them avoid flying through horizontal spaces less than 2 inches (5 centimetres) high or through vertical spaces 4 inches (10 centimetres) wide or less.
These guidelines are commonly known as the ‘2×4 rule’, but there are actually exceptions resulting from research conducted on specific species.
This new range of EVA interlayers, has been designed by Satinal with the aim to raise awareness of designers, glaziers, architects etc. by encouraging them to use the right tools to reduce the problem.
Laminated glass with
Strato® Bird Friendly EVA interlayers will not only limit bird collisions, but will also provide several advantages:

  • 100 per cent of the advantages provided by laminated safety glass with EVA film;
  • buying the quantity needed for a specific project (no minimum order quantity);
  • customised sizing available at no extra cost;
  • incredible production cost savings using standard float glass for lamination;
  • avoiding expensive stocks of big quantities of non-standard float glass;
  • customisation of the EVA film with the pattern requested by the designer or architects;
  • combining the Bird Friendly line with other Strato® products to create glasses with additional benefits (e.g. solar control);
  • high visible light transmission;
  • high weather resistance due to the properties of Strato® EVA film;
  • visual continuum (selected patterns do not disturb the view);
  • full protection against UV rays.

There are many factors that affect the selection of a product that makes it glass bird safe: by choosing an interlayer from the Strato® Bird Friendly collection to laminate the glass, its transparency and reflection can be reduced.
Birds do not recognize glass as an obstacle because it is a transparent and reflective material.
Transparency, sometimes, can be a problem even for human beings, who sometimes do not notice the presence of a glass door
or wall. We are, however, able to recognise details such as handles, uprights and fixtures, thus avoiding collision.
Unfortunately, birds do not have this kind of perception and they are also attracted by plants, food, water etc. placed inside or outside the rooms that they see through glass.
Another aspect, in addition to transparency, is the reflection of light: depending on how and where the glass element is positioned – for example in relation to the sun, the surrounding environment, internal light levels etc. – it can look like a dark passage that birds might mistakenly see as a usual space between branches and leaves. Moreover, glass can act as a mirror: reflecting the sky, clouds or vegetation around buildings, it attracts birds and this effect is the most frequent trigger of the impact.
Strato® Bird Friendly is created by humans but designed for nature, without sacrificing its aesthetic appeal.

Strato® EVA interlayers
Satinal includes three brands: Strato®, Satinal and TK. From the creation of chemical products and equipment for glass manufacturing, machinery and kilns by TK, to EVA-based interlayer for glass, which can be used for various architectural elements or for interior design.
Strato® EVA interlayers are produced in Italy by Satinal, present in the glass market for more than 20 years, with the first ever production site in Italy for EVA. Italian production maintains the high standards required and makes Strato® a top quality product, distributed globally.


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