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Satinal Spa installs a new generation of glass frosting machinery in France

New machines offer high flexibility and performance with automated loading and unloading

Satinal Spa, a supplier of glass frosting chemicals and machinery , has delivered and installed  a new generation frosting machine for cosmetics in France.

High flexibility, high performance and low consumption characterize this new machine, but the most remarkable innovation is the automatic loading and unloading stations. Furthermore the automatic unloading station is directly linked to the dryer tunnel, allowing frosted items (flacons, jars, small bottles) to come out completely dry and ready for other decoration processes or for being packed.

Leonardo Pirazzoli, general director of Satinal Spa, said, “Our main goal is to be always a reliable supplier, producing high quality machinery and giving the best support to our customers. All our frosting machines are projected for optimizing and minimizing consumption while always maintaining high quality performance. Our glass frosting machines are the ideal solution for all companies that look for efficiency, flexibility, durability and security.”

Luca Bresciani, owner of Satinal Spa, said, “I’m proud of our work and I’m glad to know that this new generation machine will improve the production system.”

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