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Saint-Gobain 73% of 2012 dividend to be reinvested

Thanks to a high dividend reinvestment rate of 72.5%, Saint-Gobain will be able to strengthen its equity by EUR 474 million. The new shares were issued and delivered on 5 July.

Saint-Gobain shareholders responded favourably to the dividend reinvestment option, with 72.5% of the total dividend to be paid in stock. This high reinvestment rate allows Saint- Gobain to strengthen its equity by EUR 474 million.
A total of nearly 16.9 million new shares were issued, equivalent to 3.1% of outstanding shares.
The new shares were issued and delivered on 5 July. They will carry rights to the 2013 dividend and will rank ‘pari passu’ to existing shares from the issue date. The new shares were listed on NYSE Euronext Paris on 5 July.
The share issue will have the effect of increasing Compagnie de Saint-Gobain’s share capital to EUR 2,211 million, represented by 552.7 million ordinary shares with a par value of EUR 4 each, all fully paid and all in the same class.
Cash dividends were also paid on 5 July, for a total of EUR 180 million.
During the Annual General Meeting of 6 June, Saint-Gobain shareholders approved payment of a 2012 dividend of EUR 1.24 per share and the option to receive the dividend in cash or in Saint-Gobain shares issued at a price of EUR 28.12 per share

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