Roman offers durable glass protection by Unelko

UK & Europe's largest shower & bath manufacturer offers Ultra Shield®, Invisible Shield® glass coating by Unelko

ROMAN – the UK and Europe’s largest manufacturer of shower enclosures, wet-room panels and bath screens coats all products with Ultra Shield®, the Invisible Shield® Coating Technology.

Ultra Shield & Ultra Care technologies protect glass with a lasting, monomolecular “barrier” coating to make glass remarkably water, soil, stain, mineral, corrosion and scratch resistant.

D. Osborne, CEO of Roman, said, “We have tested many “easy clean” coatings for application on showering products we manufacture. Unelko’s Invisible Shield Coatings are the best performing, easiest to apply and most competitive priced on the market. We value Unelko as a partner with great integrity and passion for protective nano technologies.”