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REVIP defends renewing windows to comply with rehabilitation forecasts

The Valencian Regional Association of Flat Glass (REVIP) proposes to focus on the renewal of the stock of windows and glass enclosures, to make possible the Government’s National Energy and Climate Plan, which plans to rehabilitate 1,200,000 homes by 2030 in terms of envelope, energy efficiency and to reach 7 million homes in 2050.

Only with the renewal of the window stock in Spain would a “very positive” effect be achieved to move towards the climate neutrality objective planned by the European Union for the next 4 years and in the updating of the national housing stock, as noted by the president of REVIP, Vicente Cervera, at the meeting after the Ordinary General Assembly of the association.

From the sector, it has been explained that this type of actions are “more accessible to citizens and communities of owners” than, for example, the thermal insulation of façades. Furthermore, the president of REVIP recalled that focusing on the building envelope, with special attention to the replacement of glazing and windows, improves the energy efficiency of buildings by reducing the demand for heating and cooling.

According to the planning of the European Parliament, in the next legislature a 55 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions should be achieved, as have been recalled by the president of REVIP, who added that, to reach this milestone, the Flat glass sector is strategic for reducing overall CO2 emissions by limiting energy consumption in buildings and providing photovoltaic efficiency.

Vicente Cervera has explained that it is necessary to encourage and promote the replacement of windows to adopt double or triple glazing systems, as well as implement low-emissivity glass and/or solar control, to minimize energy loss in a building by up to 30 percent, according to reports from Glass for Europe.

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