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Research Frontiers and Gauzy to showcase SPD-SmartGlass solutions

Research Frontiers Inc., inventor and licensor of patented SPD-SmartGlass light-control technology, and Gauzy Ltd., a global leader in vision and light control solutions, are returning to CES for the seventh consecutive year. They will showcase the latest SPD-SmartGlass solutions at CES 2024, January 9 to 12 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Gauzy, a strategic investor and licensee of Research Frontiers, will début new products and discuss them in informal seminars at Booth 661.

Gauzy’s products, using Research Frontiers’ patented SPD-SmartGlass technology as a core component of elegant environmental-control systems, are currently used in a broad array of industries. Some of these products will be shown at the CES for the first time ever.

  • Aviation: SPD technology allows aircraft passengers to have personalized control over lighting and shading within their seating areas. With the touch of a button, they can instantly adjust window tint, manage natural light and reduce glare. Gauzy’s solutions are designed to even adapt window tint automatically based on external lighting conditions.
  • Automotive: Gauzy’s LCG® (Light Control Glass) automotive windows and sunroofs offer adjustable transparency. Drivers and passengers can instantly change the tint to reduce sunlight and heat while maintaining an open-air feeling inside the vehicle. These products are also designed to reduce weight, enhance road stability by lowering the centre of gravity of the vehicle, reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Other Transportation Vehicles: Gauzy’s SPD-SmartGlass solutions extend to other transportation sectors, including marine, rail, recreation vehicles and specialty vehicles – delivering comfort, security and safety – improving the passenger experience.
  • Architectural Applications: SPD-SmartGlass has been used in commercial and residential settings to eliminate shades, blinds and curtains, shown to block up to 99 percent of visible light, reduce or control unwanted heat, light and glare and provide enhanced security in homes, office and retail environments.
  • Applications that span many industries: SPD-Smart technology has been used to make information displays more vibrant, offering the ability to turn a window into a high-definition television or information display on a car, bus, train, aircraft or in a home or office environment.

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