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Reinhold Wenig retires from SORG Group

SORG Group combines leading technologies in furnace and batch house design and engineering, providing glassmakers with a single source for world-leading technologies, ensuring total accountability, optimal design, services and seamless delivery.

Reinhold Wenig began his career in 1985 as an engineer with the SORG Group, working with Nikolaus Sorg. After a brief hiatus, Wenig was offered a position as the commercial director for SORG Feuerungsbau (SFB). Later, he became the managing director of both SFB and Glasofenbau Leipzig. When SKS was founded, he became CEO and later served as EME managing director.

In 2021, Wenig played a pivotal role in implementing a new ERP system for the entire SORG Group, enabling a smooth transition to the next generation as he gracefully stepped down from his management position.

“I came in contact with SORG by chance and was fascinated by the physical calculations connected to building a furnace,” he explained before sharing the quality that made SORG Group stand out to him, “The open cooperation with all the colleagues and also the shareholders.”

When asked about his roles within SORG Group and the most exciting aspect of his career, Wenig was clear. “To analyse processes and associated numbers, to react to them organisationally, and to act. To be a good boss to my employees, allowing for their individual characteristics.”

As an authoritative industry voice, Wenig is optimistic about SORG and the future of glass: “Glass is a healthy material, especially in the food industry sector. For this reason, I see a stable future for glass despite the problems regarding energy procurement. Ecological problems will not lead the glass industry to shrink – SORG’s further development of furnace technology will help avoid this.”

Wenig attributes his long-standing career to the support he received at home, “Only thanks to the immense support of my wife was I able to invest the required time into my profession.”

His answer was understated but insightful when asked what he will miss most, summarising universal ambitions for a successful retirement. “It might be an unrealistic wish, but hopefully nothing.”

Reinhold Wenig leaves SORG Group in a strong state after a dedicated and successful career.

Read the full interview with Reinhold on our website here.

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