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RCN Solutions: ready to innovate and renovate

Energy is part of RCN's character as it develops in two directions: re-branding and technical progress.

Since last year, RCN Solutions has been working on a new communications project that suffered sudden setbacks due to the severe health circumstances the world has been facing.

With this in mind, the team did not stop, but instead carried on to implement a new corporate image, with the first result being the new logo displayed above. This announcement will be followed by other important news later this year.

Additionaly, RCN is releasing the “Easy Connect” application for PC, tablets and smartphones. The interface allows operators to check and/or modify processes in RCN’s machines directly from their electronic devices.

Although RCN machines are not computer numerical controlled, it is not excessive to consider this e-combination, which complies with industry 4.0, in line with the latest technological know-how. But most of all, it is important to direct the process to the benefit of quality control.

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