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The international patent is under development and is expected to be awarded in due course

After a long wait, it is now official: RD CLEAN CONCEPT has been patented in Italy.  The international patent has also been requested and is under development.

RCN had no doubts RD CLEAN CONCEPT would have been recognized as their invention, allowing the intellectual property and the exclusive rights for its production and marketing.

It took time and effort to release a product suitable to prevent the exit of EVA interlayer from glass edges during lamination. RD CLEAN CONCEPT is not a makeshift solution, rather it is the result of an accurate selection of materials and their combination. This revolutionary solution allows users to save costs in production, which is especially evident with larger volumes. By removing the last production step of manual cleaning, at the end of the day, the benefit will be of high value. Last but not least, the operator does not need to handle sharp tolls to remove the excess EVA.

A patent is important to grant our customers assurance for the authenticity of the product, to offer the use of these special materials and to ensure a smooth process and result. During the last year, RCN has seen several attempts of imitation or other products masqueraded for clean edge solutions, which created confusion in the market and confusion for end users.

However, RCN Solution’s customers have understood the potentialities of RD CLEAN CONCEPT, trusting the company’s product and professionalism.

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