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RCN SOLUTIONS proposes CT80S, small but essential

Chemical glass tempering remains a niche job and also sounds like a complicated matter whose benefits are difficult to focus on. However, the potentialities of the chemically tempered glass are much more than expected.

In this context, testing is revealed as an important instrument to know more, become familiar with the process, discover its features and check results.

On this basis, RCN SOLUTIONS has understood customers’ need to practise chemical tempering in a small scale before deciding to start production and buying bigger production lines.

For this reason, RCN proposes CT80S, a small oven, suitable for glass sizes of around 120 by 120 millimetres.

Designed for laboratory tests, the company noticed CT80S is also suitable for practising small scale chemical tempering to understand all the benefits.

In this way, customers can temper and experiment drilling and cutting after the process, cold bending of glass and consider the importance to use chemically tempered thin glass to lighten some important jobs such as flooring for boats or roofing.

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