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RCN SOLUTIONS: importance of the pendulum test in safety glass

Offering transparency, compactness, structural uniformity and being fully recyclable, glass unequivocally has a great and irreplaceable role in the building industry. However, the use of this material has generated fears and doubts due to the fragility of glass, which obviously carries the idea of danger. It is well known that an accidental impact with glass panes is possible and can be a source of injury.

Research in combination with modern production techniques grant good mechanical properties to glass, thus satisfying the requirements for safety in building as well as in other applications.

For this reason, it has been necessary to define the parameters of safety glass and the ways to test and validate it. One of the testing methods is the pendulum. The test launches a semi-rigid object against the panel of glass to simulate an impact with a human body.

European standard EN12600 has specified a pendulum impact test method for single flat panes of glass for use in building and glaziers, which are becoming more conscious of the importance of supplying safety glass at various levels.

As a qualified manufacturer of laminating machines and interlayer lamination, RCN SOLUTIONS, has been asked to manufacture a pendulum tester to apply to the standard, and the company has accepted and developed REVA BF, allowing customers to verify in-house the compliance of the use of this product and work in total confidence.

Standard EN12600 defines not just how to perform tests, but also the parameters for construction of the pendulum tester.

One of the testers is ready to be delivered in Portugal, where the standard allows end product certification by a pendulum test performed in-house.

In other countries, tests within the factory are not accepted, but they can be an important guideline prior to submitting specimens to institutes charged with certification, preventing unnecessary expenses in case the test fails.

Although it is not intended to serve as a substitute for professional test laboratories, RCN has decided to process this construction only as a part of customer service, aiming to support their customers in the search for a safe end product.

RCN SOLUTIONS thinks this proposal could meet the approval of the market and could offer better support for their customers.

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