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RCN: RD CLEAN CONCEPT, patent protection as guarantee for unicity

Innovation has several elements behind before becoming such. Research, study, time, determination, investment, tests and sacrifice, are all important to determine success

Patents are an important tool to protect the intellectual property of innovations, allowing inventors to benefit from their creativity and grant the unicity of special products to the market, excluding others from making, using or selling the invention. Accordingly, customers are sure to buy quality products and services.

And such is the case for RD CLEAN CONCEPT, the latest RCN Solutions‘ development, granting glass clean edges after lamination and giving way to a leaner production and cost maximisation.

RCN has studied this system for two years, searching for materials, making tests, using several products and layup, reaching the balance between two modules having different flexibility to grant perfect grip, performance and use of quality materials.

This development is under international patent pending, so RCN Solutions recommends customers to beware of any imitation or proposal for the same product type because special products cannot be improvised. This means the use of such counterfeit products is risky for production and equipment.

After one year of promotion, RCN is deeply satisfied by the feedback RD CLEAN CONCEPT is receiving world-wide, by the approval of those that have been using it. The evidence of this is in the increase of demand and orders.

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