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RCN: products to improve production and results in lamination

RCN has definitely improved several crucial points in laminated glass production

R.C.N. SOLUTIONS is carrying out research and tests to improve the performance of its machines in order to speed up or facilitate some steps in production thus resulting in time and money saving.

Most of all, customers expect ease of production control and immediate action in case of inconvenience.

Informatics gives a powerful contribution in the human-machine interface to assure the regular running of the production. The same, technical knowledge helps to determine the components suitable to assure the quality of the final product.

From that perspective, focusing its job on the concept – from system to service – RCN has recently launched two important systems to the benefit of the end product.

The RCN “Easy Connect App”, brings great help into the remote supervision of the process by giving the possibility to take immediate action in case of anomaly, and even to modify an ongoing program, in case of wrong input or selection of the recipe. It can be installed in any device, should be PC, laptop or smartphone. Easy to use, this control system is the operator’s eye on production with no need for physical supervision. The system can also be used to interact with the RCN’s technical staff, for a double check or immediate support – a key instrument, a must in this time of travel restrictions caused by the ongoing pandemic.

However, the absolute novelty, the real breakthrough, it is the “RD CLEAN CONCEPT”, a system especially designed to issue laminated glass with perfect clean edges, without EVA squeezing out. This resolutive system is the outcome of tests run on the use of different materials and it is by RCN only. “RD CLEAN CONCEPT” can be installed into any new or existing RCN laminating kiln, or in other brand ones with some technical modifications.
Since March 2021, the time of the launch, “RD CLEAN CONCEPT” has met the curiosity and the approval of many customers who did not hesitate to order and are now working faster and efficiently. The glass laminated with this new system is ready to be installed as soon as it comes out from the kiln.

By means of these two systems, RCN has definitely improved several crucial points in laminated glass production, giving start to a new concept.

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